5 Best Android Phones to Buy in 2021


With today’s biggest vendors bringing technologies out more quickly than before, phone technology is moving rapidly. Features like super quick 5G networking & Super AMOLED displays are popular, with modern technologies like folding displays for those who want the cutting edge accessible (and who have the deep pockets to pay for them). The Android category occupies Samsung’s Galaxy line, which will presumably never stop shortly. But many firms are gunning to become the greatest Android phone – and all the rivalry is good for you, the future consumer.

A range of awesome Android phones also are accessible at such a range of prices, from high-end models to affordable smartphones. We also looked at the best choices for Android and complemented our own options, which we maintain. These phones usually have excellent battery life, cameras, displays, or anything above. Further features like the fingerprint reader, wireless charging as well as expandable storage were taken into account. So check out the five best android mobiles that you can buy in the year 2021.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Galaxy S21 Ultra seems to be the flagship phone of Samsung in 2021. The 6.8-inch brilliant AMOLED display features an ultrasmooth 120 Hz refresh rate which also endorses Samsung’s S-Pen Style, a stunning back camera with unbelievable zoom as well as a 5G connectivity for super-speed data. This really is the greatest thing Samsung can do with mobile technology, and that it’s the Android device you want to bring in cutting-edge technology into your pocket.


Google Pixel 4A 5G

The Pixels 4A 5G is among the best Android cell phone choices if you’d like a 5G phone, which doesn’t cost much more. The device has a strong battery life, excellent dual rear cameras, and extensive Google app support. The Pixel 5 does have a large 90Hz display as well, and it costs $699.


Google Pixel 4A

There is a loyal follow-up and legitimate cause for Pixel phones. Without taking into consideration its price, Google’s Android phone Pixel 4A has a high-performance camera to capture bright photographs. But it’s great because the budget smartphone costs $349. But this Android app is nice. The smartphone is now 5.81-inch with a headset, 128GB of capacity from the box, and improving battery life compared to the Pixel 4 of the previous year.



OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro

Although OnePlus is not as popular as Apple or Samsung, the OnePlus 9 or OnePlus 9 Pro has a high-quality service at a competitive budget telephone price compared to rivals. The two phones operate 5G, run Qualcomm’s more powerful CPU, and also have multi-lens cameras. With most of the characteristics we enjoy from this collection, but at a more competitive price and great battery life also for battery, the OnePlus9 is our two favorites. The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s high prices will be out of your control. This is a strong choice.


Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE packs a lot about what we know of the luxurious S line of smartphones, including several rear cameras, excellent performance & 5G, but bundled it up in less inexpensive components and reduced prices for a more affordable phone. This Android device has received a prestigious CNET Publishers Choice Prize, and it is the phone you would like to take if you want a big Samsung phone but wouldn’t want your bank to empty it.


Final Words

So these are the top 5 mobiles that you must check out if you are planning to buy an android mobile. These mobiles are packed with great features, and they are indeed the best mobile phones in this price range.


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