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A new suite of auditory technologies for cellphones and audio products such as Bluetooth earbuds and ear devices, Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound, has been initiated. The first announcement was made in December 2020 at the Qualcomm Meeting. It offers excellent compatibility between Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile phones, Bluetooth charging, hearing devices, promising improvement in connectivity, sound value, and supplemental characteristics such as ACT and tone communications link. To support technology, it includes both citation and output.





      • Mobile Gaming

In 2021, designers expect a change from device to mobile gaming to boost our worldwide popularity and boost the strong direction of growth. For consumer audio, what would that mean? Social gaming enthusiasts need wireless audio devices that achieve an immersive noise and very fast data to support a tremendous wireless play experience. Our playback innovation helps to turn smartphones into strong, mobile online casinos.

      • Streaming of HD music

Our Nation of the Play report states that audio quality stays the ultimate driver in buyer audio, and the biggest way customers evaluate their music is now broadcasting. But it is the constantly rising demand for HD video streaming that is new to these trends. These trend lines are not new. Various streaming sites now have HD midi files that cater to the rising listener base that looks for media of rich, true audio system that lets them understand their music just as the artist wished.

      • Working at a distance

In 2020, the epidemic brought millions of individuals all over the globe to work suddenly remotely. Staff members, business people, teachers, professors, CEOs, developers, Physicians, team leaders, volunteer organizations, and creators – almost all staff members have more communication possible than ever before. This transformation seems likely to stay a business method. Clear, smart voice quality, without glitches, can help to communicate effectively on calls and minimize listener fatigue. Therefore, designers believe that consumers will search for electronic codecs to assist them in working and playing in 2021.



Home Reboot of Audio


Two other trends lead to a relaunch to home sound in additament to remote operation: 1) amusement audio incentive to invest, and 2) intelligent home adoption.

In the last 12 months, a home theatre is now more crucial as children are motivated to stay inside. Many buyers are trying to bring their home movies, console games, or rich listening arrangements to the next level. These systems home sound systems from sound coffee shops to speakers with strong sound quality coverage and better audio quality.



Highlights of the top consumer demands in the truly wireless age, including:

      1. More convenient and discreet headphones, as people use everyone’s devices all day long.
      2. Split-free, sturdy Bluetooth microphone in virtually any climate for seamless listening.
      3. Response time while playing beer and playing a video.
      4. Better mobile network clarity, propelled by the total count of one earbud purchase vehicle to attract a large number of calls for go noise cancellation: nice sound quality.
      5. Voice helpers, mainly because the handsfree rosebud control is convenient.
      6. Even with these advanced benefits, great battery life.
      7. Rich consumer accessibility at a variety of levels.
      8. To support new customer requirements with QCC305x


The next stage of wireless earbuds is meeting this widespread demand by consumers for advanced and new cases at a range of prices. In particular, to assist our customers in this, researchers developed new Qualcomm QCC305x SoCs. The QCC305x SoCs feature a range of our superior audio technologies, generally allowed only with our discount QCC5100 series, based on our industry-leaded ultra-low performance architecture.

The technology supported on the QCC305x includes wake word enabled voice helpers, Qualcomm Adaptive Active Noise Liquidation, Qualcomm aptX Adaptive, Qualcomm aptX Voice, and 2-Microphone Qualcomm cVc Echo Canceling, up to 96KHz of the sound resolution,



Support for LE Audio:


The upcoming Bluetooth LE Audio standard, which we feel will enable new home automation sharing cases, would be another exhilarating capability built into the new QCC305x SoCs. An example is how LE Audio will enable users to share music with multiple Portable speakers or headsets on their smartphones, allowing their families and friends simultaneously to benefit from the same music. Our LE Audio support complies with the current Bluetooth standard, which is crucial to ensuring that finished products fit real use.

The advantages of this true mobile-to-accessory optimization should not belong to waiting by end-users because of the recently announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform. It has been built to provide quality sound, robustness, and response, including Qualcomm FastConnect 6900 connectivity system with built-in Bluetooth 5.2 and Qualcomm aptX audio and mobile LE Audio support.

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