Most Downloaded Android Apps of All time


In March 2018, there were a huge 2.6 million downloadable applications, mostly on Google Play Store. A messaging app, one to read, and more are available to simplify your life. There’s an app for anything if you don’t guess by the figure!

If it all sounds wonderful, there are several (and we mean many) applications that screen advertisements and make money from cheap (or not so low-cost). So, how do you think that an app is really worth it in this dark forest of applications? It’s straightforward: in numbers, there is force. The number of installs you have will tell you if such an app is trustworthy.

To simplify your life well, here’s a list of the 4 top Android apps that are most downloaded of all time.



WhatsApp is, without a doubt, Android’s as well as other mobile users’ many downloaded, instant message apps. In 2009 the software was initiated as just a small start-up by former Yahoo staff. It is so successful, though, that application manufacturers introduced a yearly fee to use the app service to limit the number of subscriptions. The software was purchased for 19 billion dollars by Facebook in 2014.

This software began as a text messenger and is now still used for media messaging, audio, files, and maybe even video calls. In reality, even with its functionality, including location sharing, community conference, and voice messaging, the app became popular among teens.



Facebook remains the king of social media without any surprise – and this app has been bound to have been a smartphone for everyone. The application was launched by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 as well as being a social networking website for uploading, sharing with friends and family images, media, videos, news, and much other interesting material, and keeping friends’ lists, creating communities and profiles, and streaming their live videos.

First launched as a means of connecting with long-lost relatives, the app now became one of the most effective platforms for specific advertising products to just the target audience. It has now become a medium for social media campaigns for small and large enterprises.



YouTube is indeed a multimedia website for visualizing, sharing, and downloading videos for all age groups. Three former employees of PayPal launched that in 2005 and in 2006, these were bought for 1.6 billion USD by Google.

It has almost all kinds of exciting and instructional material, from music and comedy shows for adolescents to tips, shortcuts, and recipes for adults. It helps you not just to view videos of your choosing and also to construct your own video channel and post your own videos.

Today, YouTube has been used only for entertainment but also as a forum for people to demonstrate their creativity and to promote and sell their goods and services.



Instagram was launched in 2010, and after it was acquired in 2012 for 1 billion USD, it’s just yet another social networking platform operated by Facebook. The app is indeed a social media photo-sharing site for sharing your personal photos and videos that can then be edited with filters, titles, tags, and localization.

Also, tools such as voting, emoji sliders, story swapping, and questions were included, as well as a video tagging tool has recently been introduced in the app. Instagram introduces two additional features that have become very common, Boomerang (to generate short video loops) and Hyperlapse (to make hyper-lapsed and time-lapping videos).


Final Words

So these were the top four applications which have been downloaded the most. There are many applications that have been downloaded by millions of users. It can be concluded that mobile applications have a significant impact on today’s world, and they make our lives very easy and they will undoubtedly impact the future world.


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