Social Media Tips for Restaurants


Regardless of how appealing your meal is, if you don’t drive people to your restaurant, your actions go unheard. Therefore, a social media presence is imperative as just a restaurant.

Before we proceed, you can recognize a couple of interesting figures on the effect of social media in restaurants:

  • Throughout the 2018 most popular tactic, 63% of restaurants should use social media for restaurant ads
  • 37% of social network consumers use social media before making a decision to study brands, goods or services.
  • 49% of customers via social networks know about food

Your future clients use social media to a certain extent. These tips will help you get started if you’ve not incorporated social networks in your restaurant’s digital marketing plan.


Make Social Media Profile on Necessary Platforms

Each restaurant must be on three social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Facebook: 49% of users are looking for restaurants on Facebook.
  • Instagram: Instagram seems to be the leading social media app for restaurant brands.
  • Twitter: Twitter users are more committed to restaurants in comparison to other sectors on Twitter.

Make sure you fill out as much detail as possible on your social media pages for your restaurant. Your location, telephone number, trading hours, and links to your website are all the information you can have on your Profile. Please ensure all your social media reports are contained in your local lists such as Yelp, Google My Company, and TripAdvisor. By keeping consistent details in your social media accounts and listings, your restaurant will be higher for local search on Google Maps.


Use Video

Social content generates 1200 percent more views than pictures and text, so the restaurant needs to integrate your social media marketing approach with the implementation of videos. You could advertise new specials with the use of video, feature your people, glance at your customers “behind the scenes,” share cooking lessons or even Q and A with your chef or cook.

One strategy of using online ads for your restaurant would be to go live on Facebook, and the average user uses it three times the time to watch a live video.



Create Contests on Social Media 

You establish contacts, trust and commitment with your clients and supporters by creating social media competitions. Any social media competition could be a year’s free meal, free gift cards and sometimes even free activities like a Superbowl party. 79% of customers just enjoy their incentives for just a company’s Facebook profile and discounts. In order to make your consumers happy and engaged in your social media accounts, make use of competitions to give discounts.


Optimize Your Food Photos

Nearly 93% of Instagram users say their purchase decision is affected by the external image of items. This is why it might all mean to publish attractive and lovely images on social media. Potential clients should be encouraged and inspired by the content of the images you share on your social media to visit your restaurant. If you really have created a single brand or it has a visually enticing ambience, you don’t always have to limit your images to your food because you also want to catch this.

Potential clients are not only concerned with the quality of the food but also with the quality of the time they will spend in your restaurant. After seeing your pictures, your prospective clients should say, “I must visit your restaurant now!.”


Final Words

Using social media for restaurants is the best way to reach out to a larger number of audience. Use the tips mentioned above to get more reach for your restaurants and make a brand name for your restaurant.


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