The World Of Power And Technology Out Of It


The world in the present scenario faces a significant challenge on the scientific front- a pandemic that proved that scientific research and exploration are quite important. During this hard time, the use of tech in various nations, including the most powerful nation names the United States of America, has become a sole source to make things and work regular and better.



Developments Before The Pandemic


It is not that we have not achieved any significant developments in technology, but the Pandemic has made an immediate push to work more in the front to get things better in less time. There are many developments in the scientific field in these decades, and the last one in which some signs can be known as:

      • Advent Of Selfie Camera

With the developments in mobile technology, there is also developed in-camera usage and this scenario. We all got the chance to see the development of selfie camera in the last decade, and now there are further features added to them.

      • The Development Of Tabs

The device that can be placed in between a phone and a laptop has created these decades. It is true magic and revolutionary development in the field of technology.

      • Privacy And Messaging Applications

With huge developments in these decades, WhatsApp has always been a priority of every person. Still, with the announcement of a new privacy policy, the messaging application got a rapid decline in users.

      • Social Media Platform

With the vast number of platforms to express, explore and develop, social media has played a huge role in getting the proper and regular interaction between people from different places.

      • Digital Payment

With time, the world is turning into a fully digital world where the payment has also got a digital space. These developments in the field of money and payment through online mediums.

      • Food Delivery

The modern way of looking at restaurants has changed too much. The food delivery platforms have made things easier and accessible from the comfort of your home.

      • OTT Platforms

The internet availability to a wide population has made it possible to increase the reach of videos streaming online. These made the platform more convenient and flexible. These online video streaming platforms can be accessed through mobile phones or whichever gadgets one wanted to use.


Developments In The Field Of Technology In Pandemic

Since the Pandemic made people live at home but to ensure smooth functioning of work and development, various steps were taken and developments meant to increase developmental prospects in this situation. There are various developments at the time of the Pandemic, and some of the significant changes or steps are:


      • Rise In Video Calling Or Conferencing App

During the long stay at home, video conferencing for working, Online classes, or even medical consultation is done through the virtual platform.

      • Contact Tracing Applications

To tackle the Pandemic better, the technology has made its initiative with the contract tracing applications to contain coronavirus from its rapid spread. The LTE-based technology helped in knowing the spread and contract of Covid-19.

      • Rise Of Digital Currency

During this hard time of the Pandemic, digital currencies are making huge profits in trade and investments. These currencies are different from our bank currencies which require the central regulating authority to regulate time-to-time. Still, these online currencies are all working with liberty from any regular authority.



Technology And the United States of America

The tech field is ever-evolving, and the Pandemic created some breakthroughs in development, mostly from which many are research-driven. In this situation, the priority of the powerful nations such as the USA stands out as: AI, quantum information science, advanced manufacturing, advanced wireless, and the last and most prioritized one of synthetic biology. During this year, the office of the White House of science and technology policy announced to focus on developments in these fields.

At NSF (national science foundation), these have been a thing to achieve for decades. To achieve many other scientific endeavours, the country has done many scientific partnerships with various nations of the world, particularly in the sphere of fundamental research on the priority list of NFS. NFS and India’s government are heading forward with the partnership of LIGO India for stationing the gravitational waves detecting instruments in India to explore the field since India has its unique geographical characteristics.

To increase its technological power, the state has begun a collaboration with Israel and India in the field of development and emerging technologies of the next generation, including the reliable, secure, transparent, and open development of the 5G communication network. This trilateral initiative in the area of development and technology is a consequence of people-to-people collaboration. All these kinds of collaborations are required to tackle the issues which are affecting while world.



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