WhatsApp new privacy policy should be accepted by 15th May


In the previous month, WhatsApp announced that they have shifted the time to accept their privacy policy till 15th May. However, they did not change their privacy policy much and would use the data of their use for their various purposes. This was very beneficial for the people who use this platform to grow their company or business.



WhatsApp reminding its user about its policy


WhatsApp had started reminding out its user about the new privacy policy they would enforce, and it would come into effect from 15th May. The instant message service owned by Facebook updated its privacy policy in the previous month and asked all its user to accept it by 8th February, which was an instant change by the messaging service.

However, due to the strong and instant public outrage against the Facebook owned instant messaging service new policy, it had postponed its date to the 15th of May. Now, there are many people who are sharing photos about how WhatsApp is reminding its user to accept their privacy policy till 15th May. This privacy policy should be accepted by people to use WhatsApp; otherwise, people would not be able to use this application.



What’s the new WhatsApp policy?


In the new WhatsApp policy, which was released in January. In this policy, WhatsApp would be sharing some of its data with Facebook. However, most of the user’s data would be encrypted, such as WhatsApp calls and messaging. This would allow the business on the platform.

This new policy was beneficial for those who use Facebook as their business platform, and it would allow the businessman to reach their targeted customers easily and fast.

Also, WhatsApp drew flak from the users when it had announced it would be changing the way it is sharing data through WhatsApp as part of its new privacy policy, which was released by January 2021. This privacy policy was mainly changed for the business that uses this platform; however, the application would be allowed to share the data in case the user accept their privacy policy. Otherwise, they would not be able to touch the user’s data.



Launce date set by 9th March for Motorola G10 Power and G30


In this week, Motorola revealed that the launch of Motorola G10 Power and G30 would take place by 12 pm in India. This filled the Motorola fan with happiness, and they are very excited to buy these new Motorola phones on 9th March.

When the Lenovo owned company revealed the launch date of Motorola G10 Power and G30, the flip kart also created a microsite to confirm the availability of both the new Moto new smartphones. However, the Motorola G30 had been launched in Europe by February, alongside the Motorola G10 power. Both of these Moto smartphones are coming with a waterdrop style notch display.

The Twitter account of Motorola India revealed the launch schedule of the G10 power and G30 and also many of its upcoming phones, which had given a lot of excitement to the Motorola smartphones fans.



Some features revealed by Motorola about G10 Power and G30.


The Tweet did by Motorola India to reveal the launch date of its upcoming phones also contains a picture that showed the front as well as the back of the phones. The hoots also highlight the presence of the proprietary security focused features called the Thinkshield. Also, both of these Motorola phones come with a near stock of the Android 11, which could provide the user experience out of the box.

Also, according to the teaser image present provided by Motorola India over Twitter indicates that both of the Moto smartphones have a quad camera set up. It appears that the Motorola G10 power is coming with a 48 MP primary sensor at the back of the phone, and also, the Motorola G30 comes with a 64 MP primary sensor. Also, the Motorola G10 power looks similar to the Moto G10 due to the presence of a distinctive rear panel pattern.

There was also a microsite made by Flipkart for showing the online availability of Moto G10 power, and G30 does not contain any further information or feature of the upcoming phones. However, due to the launch of the Moto G30 in Europe, Moto smartphone fan got a lot of information about the features of the Moto G30. The debut Moto G30 in Europe comes with a 6.5 inch HD + in plane switching display with 90 refresh rates as well as Qualcomm Snapdragon 622 SoC. Also, the Moto G30 comes with 6 GB of Ram and also 128 GB of onboard storage. These features not only make the Moto G30 a brilliant phone for Moto smartphones users.

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